Thursday, April 17, 2008

patience (needing some)

Later, these things are sometimes funny. Like the morning of that lovely Spring Break day at the beach really wasn't so lovely. We barely got out of the house on time -- the early part of our outing was a school science club event that had a set start time -- and when I went into the kids' bathroom I found hair everywhere. Huh? Hair? Why is there hair all over?

Oh, Ben said, I cut my hair. I'm not even sure I could articulate a response. It seems some of his hair was sticking out, so, well, he cut it off (and now 2 weeks later it is sticking up even worse, but that's another issue, I guess). Isn't this something 3 year olds do? Couldn't he at least clean up after himself?

In the end there was no real harm done and some where along I-4, I calmed down. Patience. Need more.

So tonight, I needed another dose. Ben loves to read. This is a good thing. This is a thing that makes me really, really happy. He is truly a reader, a kid who plows through books, takes them in the car, reads them at breakfast and hates when I tell him it's bedtime and he needs to stop reading. This drives me crazy, of course, as he acts like wanting him to get a decent night sleep makes me the worst mom ever -- sometimes he even says as much.

It makes for a lousy way to end the night. But probably in the morning I'll have my sweet boy back, at least until I tell him to stop reading and get ready for school.

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Angela :-) said...

That's funny that you say that. Our T is the same way about reading! Which I try to remind myself to have patience with as it really is a good thing. ;-)

Angela :-)