Monday, October 20, 2008

Ah, Florida

This weekend (finally) the high was only 80, so the mornings and evenings were cool. It was sunny and lovely. We turned the a.c. off.

The kids spent most of the day outside, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and Ben even went swimming at a friend's house. I didn't mind weeding the front yard, as it was so darn nice out.

This is the time of year when one can be happy to live here, this is when you start to forget the steamy, sticky weather we've had for, oh, the last six months.


Spark said...

80's!! Wow, that's incredible! We rarely see that ever in our neck of the woods, even in August. We dug out the full blown winter coats today, and we're forecasted snow this weekend.

Edie N.

David & Theresa said...

I just love her hair! Did you do it on your own? I am trying to learn but my daughter won't sit still enough for me to even comb it. Any secrets?


Leslie said...

Edie - like I said, I think we live in weird, alternative universes!

Theresa - Thanks. My "secret" is that I let her watch TV or a video, and she sits still for that. But she is also nearly 4 -- and was 19 months when she came home (and bald). So by the time, I was really dealing with hair, she had more of an attention span.