Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Season of Joy (and stress)

Okay, I'll be honest. The last month has mostly been one of stress here, with the financial health of our company getting a little more shaky (as if the past 18 months, with two those rounds of layoffs, weren't enough) and with Ben developing some issues that have us worried (we're working on things, and I'm sure everything will be ok, but it still has me a bit unnerved).

I am trying not to be too stressed (ha) and trying to enjoy the holiday season by focusing on the little, fun things we've been doing (making treats, cutting down our tree, decorating). The kids love that stuff, and it gives me joy to seem them delighted. They're both really looking forward to Grandma's arrival next week. Me, too.

Mr. Tacky, our big, inflatable snowman that Jim purchased two years ago for the kids (and, perhaps, because he knew it would drive me nuts) presides over our front patio in all his nylon glory. Kisae loves to watch him inflate and is sorely depressed when he is not up (like first thing in the morning).

And in fashion news, Kisae actually picked out and wore a skirt to her preschool's holiday show. I was stunned. She looked adorable.

But fitting with her keen fashion sense, she insisted that she wear overalls to the Christmas tree farm. I was worried she'd be cold (her only overalls are shorts), but it warmed up, so overalls it was.

So there have been fun times, despite the worries. I must just keep reminding myself of them.

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