Monday, May 12, 2008

Cool. Is that safe? Oh, no. No! No!

I came outside to take photos of the kids on the trampoline. Ben showed me his flip (cool, I thought, quickly followed by, is that safe?). Kisae then showed me her "flip," which is just a somersault with flair. Then I heard Ben say "for our next act ..." And the next thing I know Kisae is in the middle of the trampoline in a duck-and-cover crouch preparing, apparently, for Ben to leap or jump or flip over her. I shouted, No! (because I was sure that was not safe) and Ben stopped and did a handstand type thing next to her. But not over her. Whew.

I didn't even realize I got a photo of the near act. But it turns out, I did. The funny thing is that Kisae was the mad one when I stopped things and remained in her position shouting, "I like it Mommy!" for several minutes.

All of which goes to prove that it is true that if Ben suggested they spend the day walking over hot coals, Kisae would smile, say "okay!" and happily follow her beloved big brother.

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