Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sleepovers, the funny stuff and the sad

Ben had a sleepover at his friend J.'s last weekend. He was very excited and talked about it constantly in the days leading up to the big event. When it was finally time, he went to his room to pack. A short while later he offered us a briefing:

"Wanna know what I've packed so far? My rocket launcher and four peppermints."

(the rocket launcher in question was a Nerf toy he'd gotten at his birthday party - if that makes it any better).

When we stopped laughing, I suggested he throw in some clean clothes and a toothbrush, just to balance out the weapons and candy.

That was the fun part.

This was the sad part (for Chakisae): We took Ben to the friend's house, then did some errands, then came back to the friend's house to have pizza with that family. That was fun, too. But eventually it was time for us to go home, and when Kisae realized Ben was staying and she was not, oh the tears. She cried all the way home (fortunately that was only a mile).

She cried as we got her ready for bed, though Jim did manage to cheer her up with some silliness. She woke up happy, calling me from her crib. But after a few minutes, she realized her beloved brother was not home and, once again, her mood soured.

"Ben no go to friend's house ever and ever. That not him mommy and daddy. That not him sister!"

She'd previously had a fit when a friend called to invite Ben over to swim. All she heard me say was, "Oh sure, I can drop Ben off" and she started to cry and then scream, "Drop me off too! Drop me off too!"

So while all of this is sweet in a way (how much she loves him, and vice versa, though maybe part of it is she is just mad she cannot always do what he does), it does not bode well for this weekend. Ben is going to New York to visit grandma -- and Kisae, well, she's not. Neither are we, but this likely will make little difference to her.

When she spotted his suitcase earlier this evening, I had to tell her Ben was going on a little trip. "Him not leaving!" she said, then she stuck out her quivering lower lip and started to cry.

It could be a long weekend.

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