Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Super baby to the rescue!"

So Chakisae is now the queen of the diving board at our local pool. Yeah, I know I'm biased (and I know I'm bragging), but she is truly amazing.

She climbs up there, puts her hand on her hip, looks around for audience reaction (the lifeguards and the other pool patrons often stop to watch - I think she likes that), counts to 3 or maybe 5, shouts "Super baby to the rescue!" and then leaps into the water.

Jim is there, but she swims to the side mostly by herself. She swims by herself all the time, going underwater, trying to reach the bottom (in the shallow end), jumping in and off the diving board.

I have rarely seen a 3-year-old so comfortable in the water -- and so fearless. She is our Super baby.

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Spark said...

Miss Asrat is the same in the water. I don't think she'd come up for air if she didn't HAVE to.
Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Edie N.