Thursday, June 19, 2008

My funny kids

Kisae loves to sing. She sings the usual preschool fare -- you know twinkle, twinkle and ABC's -- but also her own songs. Those are the best. She holds her hand to her mouth (pretends its a microphone), tells us no talking and starts in with her performance. She sings about funny things, sweet things ("I love my brother") and random things ("I take off my shoe. Ant bite me.") Last week, we were outside, enjoying the evening when she started a new song...."Our house so dirty, our house so dirty...."

So there it is -- my house is such a mess that even the 3-year-old knows it and feels compelled to express it in song.

And then there's Ben. He told us the other night he wanted to learn to knit. I had to bite my lip not to laugh. Not that there's anything wrong with knitting. It's just he is not a crafty kid. He is a sporty kid (you know, the one who insists he should start ice hockey soon even though he doesn't know how to skate). He loves Godzilla. He keeps bugging us for a pocket knife. When he said he wanted to make the "exploding film canisters" he read about in a book, I wasn't fazed.

But knit? My kid? Hmm. But, okay, I said I'd look into it.
He said he wants to make Kisae a scarf. Well that's sweet, I thought. But then this popped in my head: Does he think those needles are weapons?

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Spark said...

Leslie, what a great picture! Miss Asrat also sings constantly. Drives Grace up the wall, especially at bed time. As for the knitting, that is really cool! I always wished I could knit. But to anwer your question, kids DO tend to use anything as weapons sooner or later......

Edie N.