Friday, July 18, 2008

The crib is gone

I know I can't really complain when my kid goes to bed easily and sleeps nearly 11 hours straight through the night.
And I know I can't complain when the switch from crib to bed happened in one easy night. "I sleep in my big bed," Chakisae said. And she did -- and has ever since. And now the crib is taken down (and sitting in the living room, waiting for word on its fate).
Truthfully, I was ready for the switch because we've had a crib and a double bed in her room since she came home. So beds were taking up a lot of floor space in her not too big room. But previously, she'd never wanted to switch. She liked her crib; she slept well in her crib, so we figured there was no point pushing crib removal. But then one day, she suggested it, and that was that.
The good news is that with the crib gone, we could move her "art table" out of the Florida room and into her room. We got more room out there, and she got more floor space in her room. All good.
But I can't help being a little wistful. The crib is gone. Packing it up was a bit like putting a final lid on the container of her babyhood. But as she often says, "I not a baby!" And she's not. So the crib is gone -- or at least going.
I'll be okay.
Before Jim took it apart, our silly girl posed for a few photos in her old bed. I think this is my favorite.

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