Friday, July 25, 2008

A long week

It has been another long week (we've had lots of them lately) at work. Much stress, fear of layoffs, people we like and admire are leaving. At least it is Friday.

I was determined we'd have a relaxed, fun family movie night. I had snacks for the kids in the car, figuring somebody's after-camp grumpiness of late was due to hunger. Everyone ate snacks, even said thank you. We grabbed several movies without much disagreement and in fairly good time.

I came home and started a very quick dinner for them -- Annie's pasta, grapes, milk, bread. You know, stuff I could get on the table in like, oh, 10 minutes.

And still in those ten minutes, moods dissolved. Someone (I'll protect the guilty, I guess) was in the fridge getting a drink, and someone else on small wheeled thing (can you guess who?) ran into fridge, banging sibling's head on the door. Or so the complaint went. Then someone got mad, someone else didn't really apologized, but laughed. There was yelling and stalking off and then crying. My mood soured, too.

Finally, they ate and then calmed down (well it helped that someone was temporarily banished to their room). We all eventually enjoyed the movie. And while we watched I did more twists in Kisae's hair (I'd done big ones early in the week but needed to divide). My usual thing. Still need to broaden my skills, but I was at least happy with how that turned out.

Now they're asleep, and I have a headache.

At least tomorrow is Saturday.

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