Monday, September 8, 2008

Flack for a missed nap

Chakisae is at that age where she'd really, truly prefer not to nap. But she still really, truly needs a nap. And she still sleeps more than an hour for the naps she insists she doesn't need.

Most of the time, we get just a few complaints. You know the, "I not sleepy! I not want to nap! I not tired! Look at my eyes!" Then, grumbling, she agrees to read and after a book or two, usually says "good night" and goes to sleep without too much complaint.

Sometimes, there is more complaining and even yelling but fortunately not too often.

Sunday, she didn't get a nap. This was my fault. By the time, my friend and I made plans to take the kids to a little splash park in the afternoon, it was nap time, but I went anyway. And by the time we got home, it was 4:30 p.m. and what was the point?

I figured we'd just power through and get her to sleep a little early. I didn't say anything about the nap but figured she'd be happy.

Well while I was making dinner, Kisae came into the kitchen. "I not nap!" she said, this fact clearly having just dawned on her.

Yeah, I know, I said. Kisae shook her head at me and said: "Silly, Mommy."

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