Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Treasure

Friday is treasure day at Ben's after-school program, meaning kids who've been good get to pick something (think Happy Meal-like toy) from the treasure box. Fairly silly and Ben doesn't much care anymore (it's really for the younger kids).

But Kisae, who is not enrolled in this program, has both figured out that a) Friday is treasure day and b)that the staff will let her pick something from the box just because, well, she's cute.

So now she asks me several times during the week on our drive from her school to Ben's, "It Friday?" and when I finally say, yes, it's Friday she says, "Treasure!"

It was kind of embarrassing the other week when the usual staff person wasn't there, and I had to explain to someone else, yeah, I know she's only 3 and doesn't go here, but she gets Treasure.

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