Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy with her book

I was cooking dinner when Chakisae found herself a book and settled into the most comfortable chair in the house. I stopped her "reading" to ask if she wanted me to help her put a CD in the player. She was happy for the music but a bit annoyed that she was kept from her literary pursuits.

"Now can I get back to my reading?" she said.

This was followed a few minutes later with, "Can you tell Dad I busy and I reading, and he can't talk to me?"

Quite a display of concentration for someone who can't actually read. But not out of character for a kid who sometimes takes along a tattered copy of Harry Potter when I suggest she grab a book (I think she figures if Ben reads it, she can, too).

It did make me smile to watch be so focused on the pages -- even if she had no idea what they said.

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Andrea said...

It's funny, Nahom is also an avid "reader" He takes a new book to school every day, and loves to "read" his books to me all the time.
It's great to see your pics ;o)