Monday, November 3, 2008

I a winner

I voted on Friday (early voting here in Florida). On Saturday, Chakisae discovered the "I voted" sticker I'd gotten. She smacked it on her forehead -- and declined all requests to remove it.

She wore it to a birthday party, proudly. Of course, all my efforts to take it off, to say, you don't need to wear it, were rebuffed. "I have to, Mommy. I a winner. I present (president)." Oh.

So she wore it all day Saturday. At bedtime, Jim made her take it off, figuring the cheap adhesive might start to irritate her skin. So she went to bed holding the "I voted" sticker.

On Sunday morning when I woke up, Chakisae was sitting on the couch. She pulled up her pajama top to show me that she had slapped the "I voted" sticker on her chest. "I a winner," she said.

She wore it all day Sunday. Finally, at bath time, I said it had to go. It disintegrated when I took it off and that distressed her a bit but by then it seemed to have lost most of its allure. Once she was happily playing in the water, I tossed it in the trash, and she hasn't asked for it since.

Jim will vote tomorrow. I'm telling him to keep this sticker to himself.

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