Monday, August 25, 2008

Homework hassles...and school only started last week. Ugh

School started a week ago and was closed for two days because of Tropical Storm Fay. So it's really hardly begun. Yet already we have homework issues.

It seemed to me what was sent home needed to be done tonight (that's what the teacher's newsletter said). Ben insisted it wasn't due until Thursday. A call to a friend didn't offer much clarification, but the friend was at least doing most of the work.

Ben was trying to figure out how to do the least amount possible. I was trying not to get annoyed, not to start our pattern of having these battles over homework. Truth is, it did seem like a lot of paper work -- but most of it also seemed ridiculously easy. Like if he stopped complaining, he could have finished it easily.

In the end, with much harumpfing (and some storming off) he finally did most. Then he said he was going to read and finish the last sheet in the morning. I just decided he needs to start taking responsibility for this, so I wasn't going to argue about that. Though maybe I need to get a clarification from his teacher on actual due date.

In any case, it was more stress than anybody wanted or needed. At least the rain stopped enough that I could go walking with D. tonight. That was very needed.

Now I find myself looking at old photos of Ben, missing the little boy he was. Not that I don't appreciate, and often delight in, the 9-year-old he is. But I just could really deal without all the attitude that comes along with the new passions and interests and skills.

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