Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Six fun days at the beach, three miserable hours at the ER

We came back from our annual beach vacation in N.C. with the usual assortment of sandy towels and seashells. Ben also came back missing chunks of both his front teeth (and, yes, they were his permanent teeth).

He smashed his face on the bottom of the (too-shallow) pool and broke both teeth. Fortunately, he did not expose or damage the nerves (or his jaw or the rest of his face). So while we did have to spend three hours at the ER at the Outer Banks Hospital (Sunday evening in that beach town there were no other options) to get him checked out, we were able to wait for teeth repair until we got home. And while he was freaked out (and I was really freaked out, though trying really hard to hide it), he was not in pain.

Other than that our trip was just lovely. Beautiful weather and lots of fun catching up with relatives we hadn't seen in a year.

Chakisae, already our little swimming pro in the pool, also decided she loved the ocean. All week she kept asking someone to take her "in the deeper," meaning out into the waves.

After I recovered from the stress of Ben's accident (which happened on our first full day there), I think I did manage to relax, forget about work, unwind. That was good.

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