Monday, August 25, 2008

Tricycle as an amphibious vehicle

The early part of Sunday was, gasp, actually sunny. And so I insisted the kids and I get outside. It seemed nobody had any chance to run around for a week. So Ben took off to explore a bit, and Kisae and I took her trike out.

There were a few issues.
First, it was like I had forgotten, oh, it's a sunny day in August, and it's gonna be hot. It was 90. Ugh. I told her not to wear jeans but she wanted to wear the new pair she'd just gotten. Oh well.
Second, the sidewalks were covered with water, so so were we.
Third, Kisae had a major meltdown when she realized Ben was going to go ahead and bike by some friends' houses. "I bike with my brudder!"

Eventually, she calmed down and had fun, peddling through the giant puddles.

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